Launch Date 4 February 2008 

Boat League

Boat League for 2018

Awaiting detail

First Boat meeting of 2017

Friday 24th March 

at 8pm

at the

White House Conwy 

A meeting has been organised for the boat section to discuss dates for the forthcoming 2017 season

Please try to attend this important meeting



15th  May

29th  May

12th  June

26th  June

10th  July

24th  July

7th  August

21st  August

9th  October

23rd  October

6th November  Fur and Feather  Venue to be decided.

All Boats meet at Little Chef, Llandegai by  8.00am on match day.


First Boat meeting of 2016

A meeting of the boat section will be held on 

Friday 25th March 2016 

in the clubhouse at 8.00pm

to discuss league dates for 2016 

and any rule changes.


CBVSAC  boat section reports 2015

Match Report

 Fur and Feather held on 

6th December 2015 in Menai Strait.  

3 boats fished and prizes were awarded on an individual basis.

1st Jay Phillips    Conger of 56.12.00

2nd Mike Robinson   Conger of 30.01.00

3rd  Glyn Hughes   Conger   11.00.00

Closed Boat Fur & Feather 2015

Due to the cancellation of the Mersey Small Boats open on 6th December it was decided to fish our closed fur and feather in the Menai Strait. 

Fishing from 9.30 to 2.30 on the day three boats were in attendance. Conditions were slightly rough to start but soon settled down and it was a very pleasant days fishing, although the water colour did not give much hope for cod. 

Catches consisted of mainly conger and huss, although one or two cod were taken on Basshunter. 

The prize format was based on individual catches and not on boat weight.

1st on the day was Jay with a magnificent conger of 56lbs 13oz on Lady 'M', 

2nd was Mike with another conger of 30lbs also on Lady 'M' 


3rd was Glynn on sea Pigeon with a conger of 11lb. 

No other fish weighed in.

Match 6

Once again in the Menai Strait. Four boats fished a particularly hard match. 1st place went to Basshunter with 12 species for 56 points, 2nd was  Goldilocks with 8 species for 43 points and third was Sea pigeon with 6 species and 1 specimen for 39 points.

Specimens on the day were  Sea Pigeon – Ballan  2.07.08 and Lady ‘M’  Ballan  3.11.04 and Goldsinney  0.02.00

 Match 7

With a better forecast it was away form the Straits and off to Trearddur Bay with some good bags of fish. Four boats fished.

1st was  Sea Pigeon with  11 species and 2 specimens  for 59 points, 2nd was Basshunter with 11 species and 1 specimen for 54 points and 3rd was  Lady ‘M’ with 9 species for 46 points.

Specimens were  Basshunter  Ballan  2.06.12, Sea Pigeon  Huss 11.12.00 and Ballan  2.12.08

 Match 8

Once again Trearddur Bay and once again 4 boats fished.  1st  Sea Pigeon with 13 species and 3 specimens for 68 points, 2nd was Lady ‘M’  15 species and 1 specimen for 67 points and 3rd was Basshunter  with 15 species and 1 specimen for 66 points. A very close finish.

Specimens were  Lady ‘M’  Ballan 2.09.04, Basshunter  Huss 10.01.00, Sea Pigeon Thornback 10.02.08, Huss 8.00.00, Cuckoo Wrasse  00.08.00

Match 9

Trearddur Bay yet again.  Four boats fished with one new boat Fishful Thinking.

1st on the day was Basshunter with an excellent 15 species and 4 specimens for 77 points, 2nd was Sea Pigeon with 13 species and 1 specimen for 61 points and 3rd was Lady ‘M’ with 11 species and 1 specimen for 54 points.

Specimens recorded were  Sea Pigeon  Thornback  9.00.08,  Basshunter  Huss  11.05.00,  Ballan  2.08.08, Poor cod  00.07.04 , Cuckoo wrasse  00.09.08,  Lady ‘M’  Cuckoo wrasse  00.08.12


Match 10

The final match of this years league was once again held at Trearddur Bay and again four boats fished.

1st on the day was Sea Pigeon with 12 species and 3 specimens  for 64 points, 2nd was Lady ‘M’ with 10 species and 4 specimens for 62 points and third was Goldilocks with 11 species and 2 specimens for 56 points.

Specimens were Sea Pigeon  Huss  8.03.08,  Ballan  3.12.12,  Cuckoo wrasse 00.08.08  Lady ‘M’     Tadpole fish 00.07.04, Huss  9.01.12, Small eyed ray  8.12.08, Ballan  2.08.00,  Goldilocks  Corkwing wrasse 00.05.00,  Huss 8.10.00.

Match 4  5th July 2015

Once again an iffy forecast so yes you’ve guessed it, its off to the Straits yet again although this time we opened up to the outside on the Puffin Island side. Five boats fished and once again the fishing was particularly arduous once the tide began to ebb at about 1.30, so the Puffin side proved to be useful if not very productive.

1st on the day was Sea Pigeon with 13 species and 3 specimens for a total of 67 points, 2nd was Lady ‘M’ with 12 species and 1 specimen for 59 points and 3rd was Hannah Lou with 9 species and 2 specimens for 51 points.

Heaviest round went to Lady ‘M’ with a huss of 5.11.04 and heaviest flat went to Sea Pigeon with a flounder of 1.07.00.


Match 5  19th July 2015

Another bad forecast and another day in the Straits. Only three boats fished this time, probably getting sick of the weather. This time the wind was even stronger and nobody ventured out to Puffin, other than that the comments are the same as match 4.

1st on the day was Lady ‘M’ with 9 species and 1 specimen for 50 points, 2nd Sea Pigeon with 10 species and 3rd Basshunter with 9 species.

Lady ‘M’ had a nice bass of 8.05.00, the only specimen of the day.

Heaviest round went to Basshunter with a conger of 9.01.00 and heaviest flat went to Sea Pigeon with a small dab – only flat of the day.

Match No. 2  7th June 2015

Four boats turned up for the second match of the year and once again with a slightly iffy forecast we were once again off to The Menai Strait, but opened up for those who wished to venture out to sea. The fishing was somewhat on the slow side, but the first three quarters of the match were fished in reasonable conditions, the problem arises in the Straits when the tide starts to ebb and most places become unfishable so the last quarter of the match was hard going.

In first place was Sea Pigeon with 13 species and 3 specimens for 68 points, 2nd was Lady ‘M’ 9 species for 46 points and 3rd was Basshunter with 8 species and 1 specimen for 45 points. Sea Pigeon also took heaviest roundfish with a huss of 8.03.08 and heaviest flat was also Sea Pigeon with a flounder of 1.08.00. Other specimens were a corkwing of 00.04.00 for Sea Pigeon and a Ballan of 3.08.04 for Basshunter.


Match No. 3  21st June 2015

Again four boats and once again the Menai Strait. One of these days the weather will improve on a Sunday and we will manage to get out to sea. With more or less the same tides as the last match once again the last quarter of the match was hard work.

First place this time went to Basshunter with 10 species and 1 specimen for 51 points, 2nd was Lady ‘M’ with 9 species for 47 points and 3rd was Goldilocks with 7 species and 2 specimens for 46 points. Heaviest roundfish went to Lady ‘M’ with a huss 7.06.08 and heaviest flat went to Basshunter with a flounder of 1.03.00.



With a slightly iffy forecast, the venue for Match 1 was the Menai Straits. 4 boats fished a somewhat patchy match with a rainy start but the weather improved as the day wore on and by afternoon it was a nice sunny day. At the weigh in 1st Place went to Lady ‘M’ with 9 species and 3 specimens and top weight for a total of 56 points, in 2nd place was Sea Pigeon with 10 species and 1 specimen and second heaviest weight for a total of 52 points, and third place went to Basshunter also with 10 species and 1 specimen for a total of 51 points.

Heaviest Flatfish went to Lady ‘M’ with a flounder of 1.15.12 and heaviest roundfish was also taken by Lady ‘M’ with a bass of 3.12.00.

Specimen fish consisted of  Ballan Wrasse, Flounder and Corkwing Wrasse.


24th May

7th June

21st June

5th July

19th July

2nd August

16th August

4th October

18th October

1st November

Meet at Little Chef, Llandegai ( Bangor turnoff on A55 ) before 8.00am on matchday. 

Fishing venue for the day will be decided taking into account weather forecast. 

Leave Llandegai by 8.00am. 

Matches to take the form of species hunt, one of each species caught per boat with 3 points awarded per species, an extra 3 points for any species in excess of specimen weight and weight points for each boats bag from 20 points down. 

Match fee £5 per angler, all match  fees paid out as follows: £1 heaviest flatfish pool; £1 heaviest roundfish pool; remainder split between 1st and 2nd placed boats in ratio 60:40. 

Match start time to be once all boats are on the water and ready to go, finish time all boats to be back at launch point by 5.00pm unless otherwise stated by match organiser.


Boat Section Organiser

Dan Davies -

Boat owning members should apply to the Harbour Master's Office for an application form for a launch permit. When applying state that they are a member of CBVSAC. Completed form to be sent back to Harbour Office along with a photocopy of club membership ( must be current for 2015 ) and a photocopy of boat insurance.
As from 2010, all members will  have to pay a registration fee, currently £20, but this will be detailed on the form, members living in Conwy County no longer receive this free of charge. Once registered the boat is also registered within Gwynedd and Denbighshire as they have a reciprocal agreement.
Boat launch permit then permits boat owners to launch at any slipway in Conwy County free of charge ( a list of slipways is given with the application form).
This permit can only be used by boats going to sea with the purpose of fishing. Boats attempting to launch that are obviously not going fishing will be charged or turned away at the slipway.
For launching in either Gwynedd or Denbighshire the boat owner will still have to pay the appropriate fee but will not have to register.

Address for forms: The Harbour Master's Office, Conwy Quay, Conwy. Tel 01492 596253.